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    Pet & Dog Plush Heart Toy, "You Wish"

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    Pet & Dog Plush Heart Toy, "You Wish"

    Upgrade your dog's toy collection with our handmade in the USA toys! Buying American made pet toys means safer toys for your furbaby - no scary dyes, no chemical laced stuffing!

    Our Doggie Heart Toys come in three different sizes:

    6" - includes 1 squeaker
    8" - includes 2 squeakers

    Our handmade plush toys are super-velvety soft & cuddly, and are a popular choice for games of indoor fetch or just to keep your pup company. All of our pet toys come in an array of prints and sizes for every occasion!

    Thank you so much for your interest in our handmade, high quality dog and cat collars and leashes, we hope you'll love them!ūüźĺ