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    Dog, Puppy & Pet Designer Croc Widget Collar, "Dolphins"

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    Dog, Puppy & Pet Designer Croc Widget Collar, "Dolphins"

    Add sophistication and elegance to your fur baby's wardrobe with a dazzling Designer Faux Croc collar! This stellar line of collars is sure to turn some heads! The widgets are securely fastened to our durable collars and come in different colors and shapes. Size 10 and 12 collars will have 3 widgets, size 14 and 16 will have 5 widgets and size 18 and 20 will have 6 widgets.

    Be sure to reference our sizing chart to get the perfect fit for your dog!  If your pet's neck falls on the line between sizes on our chart, choose the larger one!

    Thank you so much for your interest in our handmade, high quality dog and cat collars and leashes, we hope you'll love them! 🐾